Every now and again I'm reminded of what being a mom is. It's more than just saying your a mom, I mean it's whole shibang! It's those cold nights your up with your baby, making him a bottle, or nursing a sick child, there are so many examples, I could go on and on. There is one thing, however, that I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would add to my already long list of mommy duties. I've heard some horror stories, but I'm like, oh no, my child is an angel, he would NEVER do that. Bahahahaha YEAH RIGHT! Recently I've started potty-training my will be 2 year old, and with potty training has come some very nasty habbits, such as spitting, bitting, hitting, and examining his private parts, and anything around it. Tonight, I was blessed enough to be doing some laundry, and you know that feeling every mother gets, when you know it's just too damn quite. Oh yea, that noise, or for the lack of, you get up quietly and go check on your little bundle of joy, only to find what you can only describe as a handful of beans. You quickly think, "hey wait a minute, I didn't give him any chocolate, let alone anything dark and lumpy." and that's when it kicks, your child took his diaper off and decided to go gold digging in his own fieces. Now my first reaction was pretty much jaw dropping, and then I smelled it. I mean to have to change his diaper is one thing, but to have to wipe that stuff off his hands is another. It was enough to make any veteran mom cringe, and then to top it off, apparently in old houses, you can't have the microwave, washing machine, and dryer going at the same time cause it makes the power go out. So sitting there in the dark with poo hands flying around and what not, I wrapped him up in a towel, sat him on the couch and went outside and turned the power back on! I almost wanna say I felt like super mom, but I mean c'mon, super moms just don't do that, at least not in movies they don't. Now I tried keeping my cool, cause the last thing I wanted was a crying baby with a butt crack full of lunch and hands looking like burnt chocolate covered something, but I wanna say I went through a half pack of Kirkland Brand Signature wipes, and a lot of soap. Needless to say he's now in the bath tub, splashing water at me and pouring cups of water over the port side of the bath tub. Have I learned my lesson here? No! Laundry still has to get done, oh and guess what I still have two more loads left, wish me luck ;) 
Joy Bat
10/10/2012 19:43:37

So sorry you had to go through all that.


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